Day of action to take place in Castlebar

Mayo Sinn Féin is organising a Stop the Handover day of action on Wednesday January 25 in Market Square, Castlebar, at 12.45pm.

In a letter from local Sinn Féin councillors they outline: “This day of protest affords our community an opportunity to publicly express our disappointment and frustrations at the way in which our current Government has failed to make good choices for ordinary Irish people in favour of faceless, unguaranteed, and unsecured Anglo bondholders.

“On November 2 2011, our Government handed over €715 million to Anglo bondholders. On Wednesday January 25 2012, the Fine Gael/ Labour Government are going to hand over €1.25 billion to yet another unsecured, unguaranteed, Anglo bondholder. The State has promised to pay Anglo Irish Bank €3.1 billion on March 31 next. This is happening at a time when savage cuts are being imposed on the most vulnerable members of society and follows a draconian austerity budget that has inflicted great hardship on people and communities who are already struggling to cope.”

Following the lunchtime protest on January 25, a letter of protest will be handed into An Taoiseach’s office.


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