Don’t let a cold sore come between you and the mistletoe this Christmas

Everyone wants to look their best for the party season, but an unsightly, painful, and often embarrassing cold sore can get in the way of a great night out, and most importantly come between you and the mistletoe during Christmas. A Vogel's Bio-Propolis is a natural cold sore herbal remedy which can be used at any stage of the virus to soothe the attack, and also prevent the cold sore from replicating.

A cold sore is a viral infection of the lip, and the outbreak typically causes little patches of unpleasantness around the mouth which affects sufferers approximately three times a year, often as a result of stress, weather change, or if the person is run down due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

A Vogel's Bio-Propolis is a cold sore barrier ointment formulated with carefully selected skin protectives and Propolis extract from Canadian poplar trees, it is designed to be rapidly applied to soothe the cold sore area and form a protective barrier to the elements, allowing the skin's healing process to go to work and return the affected area to a healthy condition. It is available in a convenient sized tube that fits perfectly into your handbag and also makes a great stocking filler.

The Bio-Propolis treatment comes in the form of a soothing ointment which you can apply up to five times a day, and costs €8.41. You will find AVogel Herbal remedies supplied in all good quality health food stores and selected pharmacies, but for more information on our stockists, as well as details on the full AVogel range log onto


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