A spoonful of Manuka honey is the best medicine

Most of us have heard of the new miracle remedy called manuka honey. Manuka honey is made by bees that collect nectar from the manuka bush which grows wild in New Zealand. Manuka honey has traditionally been used for its health benefits and is renowned for warding off infections, and promoting natural healing and general wellbeing. The honey has been researched for decades, but only recently has a team of researchers from Germany identified its active ingredient, methylglyoxal.

Methylglyoxal (MGO ) is a naturally occurring antibacterial agent. Manuka honey’s antibacterial activity has been proven by researchers the world over, it works wonders for infected wounds, leg ulcers, stomach infections, and stubborn colds. Manuka dressings are already being used in many hospitals today.

Manuka can kill bacteria that cause inflammation and tummy trouble. Simply take a teaspoon full of MGO100 or MGO400 in a cup of herbal tea before meals or any time during the day to soothe the tummy.

Manuka Health, bee venom, and glucosamine, has been formulated for joint pain. It combines the anti-inflammatory benefits of manuka with the cartilage building benefits of glucosamine.

The bacteria-fighting properties of manuka make it a very useful remedy to prevent colds and flu at any time of the year. Just sweeten your breakfast with some manuka MGO100 or MGO400 honey or eat as dessert with natural yoghurt after dinner.

For more information and to purchase manuka honey locally, contact Henaghan’s Health Food Centre, Ellison Street, Castlebar. Telephone: 094 902 7460; email: [email protected]


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