Mayo to launch fundraising drive with Cáirde Mhuigheo plan

This fundraising drive is one of a number of fundraising initiatives that the county board has been undertaking in the recent past. Following the county convention last week a new major fundraising drive was announced which will benefit not only the county board, but clubs and the individuals who sign up. The new scheme, under the name Cáirde Mhuigheo, has a number of different schemes to which people can sign up. The first will be a season ticket costing €200 which gives purchasers entry to all of Mayo’s national league games and first championship game. They will also be able to purchase a ticket for all of the next championship games that Mayo plays in up to the All Ireland final. Purchasers of this ticket will also get free entry to every club game in the county. As part of the deal they will also get a Cáirde Mhuigheo jacket and discounts of up to €100 from a number of Mayo based businesses that will come on board. Another option is for people to enter the Cáirde Mhuigheo lottery which will be set up. There will be a €120 double lotto draw which will give those who sign up two entries in the lotto, and a Cáirde Mhuigheo jacket and other discounts. There is also a club lotto entry costing €60 which will see those who purchase get one entry in the monthly draw and 40 per cent of the cost of the ticket being given to the club nominated by the purchaser.

These initiatives are just the next step in fundraising drives launched by those involved in Mayo GAA, following the recent setting up of the London supporters’ club and the work already being done by Club Mayo in Dublin.

Road to 51 a riveting Christmas read for any Mayo supporter

The Road to 51 tells the story of Mayo football from 1916 to 1951, a period that saw the county claim three All-Ireland senior football titles, eight National Leagues, and 18 provincial titles. But the book is about much more than sporting success.

Focusing on a remarkable 35-year spell that coincided with the War of Independence, Civil War, Great Depression, and World War II, author James Laffey weaves together an extraordinary story of events on and off the field of play. In this enthralling account of the history of GAA in Co Mayo, Laffey introduces a cast of colourful and compelling characters who together brought their county to the pinnacle of Gaelic football.

Never before has the history of Mayo football been told in such intimate detail. Drawing on previously unpublished archives and insightful interviews, the author chronicles life in Co Mayo as it was experienced by those who wore the Green and Red during that unforgettable era. Described by Taoiseach Enda Kenny as “the best book I have read on what the GAA actually means”, The Road to 51 is a fascinating account of the role the GAA has played in the formation of Irish society. The book is about much more than just football. It is an inspirational story of the community passion and pride engendered by the GAA. It is a story that is intriguing, poignant, humorous, and, ultimately, inspiring.

One of the legendary players from that era – the Flying Doctor, Padraig Carney – has said the following about The Road to 51: “This book is a must read for all GAA fans, officials and players both past and present… it is not only a history of Mayo football during the 35 years but also an interesting insight into life in general within the county.” The Road to 51 is available in all local bookshops and retails at €20.


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