Swinford councillors want more community involvement in winter services plan

Members of the Swinford Electoral Area Committee have issued a number of proposals to improve the winter services maintenance plan delivery in their area over the coming months.

Sinn Féin Cllr Gerry Murray asked if the council could leave loads of grit in prearranged points around the area a few days before any forecasted heavy snow or ice came to enable easy access when required. Council officials said they were receptive to the idea but wouldn’t want to do anything too far ahead of such forecasted weather to avoid people just coming and taking it all away before it was needed.

Cllr Joe Mellet suggested that a number of agencies come together to set up a database of vulnerable people or people who are living alone so that others could call on to check if they are alright, should a severe weather event occur like last winter.

Householders were also advised to get themselves prepared for any bad weather that may come, including small practical things such as getting a shovel, having salt in the house and bottled water and knowing where to turn off the water at their home or any vacant property they may have.


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