New study helps Mayo seniors and their families communicate

Communication hurdles with ageing loved ones can best be overcome by following the new 40 to 70 Rule, according to a first-of-its-kind study by Home Instead Senior Care, Mayo’s leading in-home care provider. Analysis of the findings revealed that when the child reaches age 40 or the parent reaches age 70, whichever comes first, communication can become difficult.

“Lack of communication can lead to misuse of medications, self-neglect and accidents,” said Heather Gately, owner of the local Home Instead Senior Care office in Mayo. “Our goal is to educate the public about the 40 to 70 Rule and practical ways for adult children to talk to their parents now about topics such as driving, finances, independence and even romance."

The research, which surveyed adult children 45 to 65 years of age, showed that nearly one-third of adults have a major communication obstacle with their parents that stems from continuation of the child-parent, rather than a peer-to-peer, role.

For the 40 to 70 Rule guide, contact Home Instead Senior Care in Mayo on 091 384160. For additional research results, log on to or



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