Dr Hauschka promotion in Rowland's Pharmacy

Healthy, radiant skin results from the daily use of wholesome preparations. For 35 years Dr Hauschka Skin Care has led the way, creating holistic preparations made with pure botanical ingredients. This entire range is brought to you by Rowland's Pharmacy, and staff are trained to advise you on your specific cosmetic needs and tailor a skincare programme for you.

The range includes natural organic face care, bath and body care, and make-up. Dr Hauschka organic face care brings together all that is best in nature with specifically chosen essences of medicinal herbs and nurturing oils. Pamper your body with luxurious blends of plant oils, extracts, and essential oils to leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and revitalised. Dr Hauschka make-up allows you to achieve the look that you want using cosmetics that are kind and gentle and care for your skin.

The products strengthen the skin’s own healthy processes and rhythms, giving protection against external influences. The skin possesses its own powers to nurture and regenerate, your skin care products should support these functions. This is what makes the natural Dr Hauschka products unique.

A Dr Hauschka skin care promotion will take place on Thursday November 10 in Rowland's Pharmacy, where you can avail of a skin care consultation and mini facial. A €10 booking fee will be charged and is redeemable against Dr Hauschka products.

For more information and the full range of cosmetics go to Rowland's Pharmacy, Main Street, Castlebar.


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