Woman told garda she would have him shot by the IRA and SAS

A woman who, when intoxicated, told a garda sergeant that she would get the IRA and SAS to shoot him, was convicted of being threatening and abusive at Ballina District Court.

Sergeant James Murphy was on duty at Heritage Day in Ballina on July 13, when at 4.30pm he received reports that an extremely intoxicated woman was falling into people. When approached by Sgt Murphy, Patricia Talbot, Straide Road, Ballyvary pretended to faint and threw herself onto the ground. The Order of Malta, who were present at the festival, examined the woman, but said that she was not ill.

Talbot was abusive to Sgt Murphy, and threatened that he would be shot. Talbot continued to be abusive at Ballina Garda Station, however the following day she apologised for her behaviour.

The defendant, who is originally from the UK, has one previous public order conviction. The defendant told the court that she lives with her partner, has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Judge Mary Devins asked Talbot how her grandchildren would feel if they knew their granny was in court being convicted. “They’d hate it,” was the reply.

Judge Devins convicted and fined Talbot €150.


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