Hotel Westport leads the way in catering to Ireland’s pink economy

The four-star Hotel Westport is testament to the business adage “diversification through growth” with the announcement this week of two tailor-made weekends in November for gay and lesbians. In providing such an experience, Hotel Westport has become one of the few hotels in the country to cater specifically to the needs of Ireland’s gay market.

Boys Go West on November 11 and 12, and Ladies’ Purple Weekend, scheduled for November 18 and 19, will offer gay men and women respectively a fun and enjoyable way to get friends together, spend time as a couple, or meet new people. Both weekends are also an opportunity for Hotel Westport to offer something different while facing the traditional challenges of the off-season hotel market head-on, according to director of sales and marketing, Eithne Cosgrove.

“The gay community has huge purchasing power,” Ms Cosgrove said. “‘Pink money’ has gone from being a fringe or marginalised market to a thriving industry. Many businesses are now specifically catering to the gay market which is valued at £350 billion worldwide and £6 billion alone in the UK. Research shows that more than 90 per cent of the gay community support businesses which target pink money, while actively shunning ‘anti-gay’ companies. Entertainment and hospitality is a big segment of this market, and Hotel Westport is delighted to offer a tailored experience to meet the needs of the gay market in Ireland.”

Both the Boys Goes West and Ladies Purple weekends will start with a welcome drinks reception on the Friday evening and a fun, team-based afternoon in Westport on Saturday called Team Trek with A Twist. Saturday evening will feature a black and white themed Chequered Banquet for the guys and a Masquerade Gala Dinner for the girls with fun spot prizes preceding a post-dinner party. “The weekend is not just hotel-based but also showcases the beauty and attractions of Westport,” explained Ms Cosgrove.

The initiative by Hotel Westport has already received approval by a number of gay groups and bookings are brisk, according to the hotel management.

Enquiries to 098 25122 or visit or the dedicated Facebook page Gay Weekends at Hotel Westport.


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