Council advises householders and businesses to prepare for winter weather

In order to avoid personal hardship and damage to your home or business premises, Mayo County Council has advised householders and businesses to make the following preparations.

Ensure that all internal water pipes in your home or business premises are adequately insulated and that your water and heating system is in good working condition. If necessary, have the system checked by your plumber.

Ensure that water tanks and pipework in the attic are properly insulated and to consider the installation of frost-watcher protection particularly in houses that have had their attics insulated.

Ensure that your external water service pipe is at a sufficient depth below the ground and is adequately protected from freezing during periods of extremely cold weather. If necessary, carry out whatever works now in order to protect your water supply before the winter weather occurs.

If you use an open fire or solid fuel system, ensure that your chimney has been recently swept.

Ensure at all times that you have sufficient fuel such as oil, gas, coal, turf or other solid fuel so that you will be able to continue heating your home if deliveries are delayed due to snow or icy roads.

Ensure that you keep contact telephone numbers for your plumber and electrician readily available.

The above preparations should help you to cope during a period of severe weather.

If your home, holiday home or business premises will be vacant or closed during the winter, you should take the following precautions: turn off your water supply and drain all water from your water and heating system.

These simple precautions will ensure that your pipes do not burst and that your home or business premises does not flood.

It is important that the preparations outlined above are carried out now as it may be very difficult to do so when severe winter weather occurs.

Mayo County Council will provide further advice to householders, businesses and road users between now and winter.



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