Add a Beautiful Touch to your life with Collin beauty products

At Beautiful Touch, staff believe you deserve the best, that is why they bring to you the Collin beauty range which is now available in the Ballina salon.

Collin Resultime, developed by Dr Eugenet Lapinet, is a first in skin science. All products use molecules that are naturally present in the skin for instantly visible results on the youthfulness of the face.

Seventy per cent of our skin is made of collagen; 27 per cent is made up of hyaluronic acid. On average we loose up to one per cent of collagen per year and smokers and sun bed users can lose up to three per cent a year. Pure collagen is used in Collin Resultime products.

Collin Resultime’s star product Regenerating Collagen Gel uses 15 molecules found naturally in our skin. This unique product, suitable for all skin types, can stimulate our natural collagen by 49 per cent and increases our hydration levels by an amazing 78 per cent.

The Collin range has refreshing cleansing milk, a hydro cleansing cream, or a purifying cleansing foam.

Tone your skin with a refreshing toning mist or exfoliate your skin with a granular intense purifying scrub or a grain free soft scrub.

Radiance renewing moisturisers are available in both light and rich formulas, which revive the skin and stimulate skin renewal.

For dry and very dry skin a lipid replenishing nourishing cream is available or a regenerating nourishing oil is an SOS for dry skin as it quickly and intensely nourishes and relieves dry skin.

A Collin product for mature skin is restructuring hydrating tissular day cream/restructuring nourishing tissular night cream. This replenishes the skin with vitamins and minerals to nourish, hydrate, and revitalise the skin.

Sensitive skins should use a soothing calming cream, which prevents the appearance of irritation and redness and restores the skin’s natural defences. Also for sensitive skins is a protecting comfort balm, which soothes and calms the skin.

A smoothing plumping cream is available in a light and rich formula. This plumps the skin, activates the synthesis of collagen, which moisturises and restores volume to the tissues of the skin.

For all skin types a regenerating collagen gel is great to use, while for fine lines around the eyes use the Collin Five Expert eye cream.

Beautiful Touch offers a complete range of products to suit all skin types and ages. Sinead and her team are happy to provide a complete skin analysis to establish the best treatments for your skin. To purchase any of these products, or to book an appointment where the products will be used during a treatment, call Beautiful Touch at 096 78893 or call into Beautiful Touch at Unit 1, Market Lane, Tone Street, Ballina.


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