The majority of Mayo people say ‘I Do’ in their thirties

The average age of men and women in Mayo taking the plunge and getting married are those in their 30s according to statistics from the Central Statistics Office. Released last week, the statistics relate to marriages registered in 2008.

In Mayo, a total of 466 males got married in 2008. The average age of grooms was 32.9 years. Five men under 20 got married, 15 from the ages of 20-24, 146 aged 25-29, 167 aged 30-34, 87 aged 35-39, 23 aged 40-44, 10 aged 45-49, six aged 50-54, three aged 55-59, and four aged 60 or over got married.

As for brides, 490 got married with the average age being 31.1 years old. Seven got married under 20, 33 were aged 20-24, 207 aged 25-29, 159 aged 30-34, 54 aged 35-39, 12 aged 40-44, eight were 45-49, seven were 50-54, one was aged 55-59, and two were over 60 years.

As for the previous marital status of the men married, 441 were single, four were widowers, and 21 were divorcees. Four hundred and sixty eight brides were single, three were widows, and 19 were divorcees.

The most popular form of ceremony in Mayo in 2008 was a Catholic ceremony (711 ) followed by civil marriages (105 ). There were 16 Church of Ireland weddings, one Presbyterian ceremony, and one other religious denomination wedding.

In 2008 there were also 97 divorce applications granted in Castlebar Circuit Court with 97 granted, there were 26 judicial separations granted, and one nullity application granted.


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