Bonding enhanced with baby through baby massage

Baby massage is an ancient art which is relaxing for baby. It can improve sleep patterns, enhance development, and boost immunity. Much research has been done into the positive effects and benefits of massage for pre-term infants to include weight increase and enhanced growth. Baby massage can also help with post natal depression. Other benefits of baby massage are pain relief, for example colic and constipation. For you, it can help with relaxation and give you a deeper awareness both physically and emotionally of your baby and strengthen the parental bond.


“The colic routine helped us a lot, it definitely made a difference. It was a great opportunity to get to know my baby.” Carey, Westport

“I have noticed a lot of big changes in Eli, who was 10 weeks premature, he is feeding better, we've bonded more, he's more alert during the day and when he sleeps, he sleeps like a log.” Louise Furlong, Ballina

Yvonne Healy is a mother of two and has worked as a baby massage instructor for four years. She is a member of Baby Massage Ireland and is certified by the International Association of Infant Massage.

She is now taking bookings for classes in September and October on 087 959 3935. Classes are reclaimable on certain policies with private health insurance. Booking is advised.


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