Get slim and live life to the max

If you are trying to slim down, but cannot live without your full-Irish fry or your Sunday roast then you are in for a pleasant surprise. The new and improved food maximizing plan from Unislim gives you the freedom to enjoy your favourite foods and still lose weight.

All over the province thousands of men and women are already enjoying the benefits of food maximizing where no food is forbidden and hunger is a thing of the past. This simple formula works on the principle of eating lots of ‘free’ foods, ie foods you can eat as often as you like, including lean proteins, vegetables and lots of fruit. For treats you can indulge in Unislim’s YUMz, which are a clever way to enjoy a glass of wine, your favourite chocolate or goodies. But what really makes food maximizing from Unislim so clever is the delicious recipes for you to enjoy with family and friends. There are plenty of top tips to excite and encourage you along the way. What is more when you join Unislim you get motivation, support and inspiration from Ireland’s longest established slimming club.

Join your local fun and friendly Unislim class now for free. Just pay the weekly fee of €10 on joining from September 5 to 18. Visit for full class listings or call 1850 603020.


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