Make good use of autumn evenings

Every year the Family Centre in Chapel Street, Castlebar provide over 60 courses and seminars for the community. The courses are focused on a wide variety of topics. Some courses are light and enjoyable and encourage personal development while others are provided as a support to parents and families to help them cope with the ups and downs of family life. Still others provide support to those who are bereaved or for others who want to explore their faith in a deeper way. At a time when many people are under increased pressure this year there is a particular emphasis on helping people to relax and learn mindfulness which is a skill that can serve us all well, especially at times when we are under pressure.

The Family Centre also facilitates a range of support group for people dealing with particular challenges in life. While many of the courses are without charge the cost of the other courses is simply intended to cover the cost of providing the course.

The Family Centre is a not for profit organisation and is there to serve the community by meeting the needs of ordinary people. A list of the courses and groups coming up this autumn and winter is outlined in their advertisement on page 44.

Booking can be arranged by phoning the centre at 094 902 5900 or alternately you can book through their website

Among some of the other services they provide are counselling, support for those undergoing separation, Rainbows for children, bereavement support and spiritual direction. If you want to find out more about their services either give them a call or have a look at their website.


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