Highest level of rain fell in Mayo in July

It is hardly surprising that statistics from Met Éireann show that Mayo has had a dismal summer, in fact it had recorded the highest level of rainfall in the country for July as well as the having the lowest level of sunshine.

One hundred and fourteen millimetres of rain fell at Ireland West Airport Knock during July — the highest rain level recorded of all weather stations in the country. The highest level of daily rainfall also fell at the same weather station — 34.9mm on July 6.

The lowest mean monthly temperature was also recorded at the airport. This was 13.1C, its lowest July mean temperature since 2004.

Correspondingly the lowest monthly total of sunshine of 75 hours was also at Ireland West Airport Knock — its dullest July since 1997.

Belmullet experienced the highest gust of wind of the month — 83km/h on July 17.


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