The gift of sound and silence

Do you sometimes long for stillness and relief from the busyness of daily life? Are you looking for tools to become more balanced and to nourish your deeper self? Are you interested in creativity as a way to foster community? If the answer is yes, then you should treat yourself to a workshop called Awakening to the Gift of Sound and Silence which will take place on November 22 from 10am to 5pm in Lough Lannagh Holiday Village, Castlebar.

The facilitators Siobhan Larkin, Emer Dolphin and Bettina Peterseil believe that our sound, our silence and our song are the simplest and most ancient of all gateways to our creative power. The workshop is about awakening to our deeper self through the gifts of sound and stillness and to honour it in community. We will use song, silence and poetry as creative gateways to journey to the roots of our own source. The workshop is based on the naked voice methodology of sound, voice and movement developed by Chloe Goodchild (see the ). The workshop will include chanting, meditation, singing, poetry, movement and silence. It will be a space of deep nourishment, community and fun.

The course is being run by Blue Drum, an organisation committed to inspiring art at the heart of community (see ) and locally organised by Bettina Peterseil. For more information and bookings please contact Bettina at 086 062 4634 or Blue Drum at 01 877 1446, email: [email protected].


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