Progress on moving Civic Offices to convent

Westport Town Council briefs

At Thursday’s monthly Westport Town Council meeting, councillors were informed that it is hoped that a draft part eight will be ready for September in relation to the convent building.

Initially, it had been intended to extend the convent building, however due to budgetary constraints this will not be done and will house the town council offices and a council chamber. A conservation architect and quantity surveyor have been appointed and are to make reports.

Councillor Margaret Adams said that is it important to get a move on with this as the convent is deteriorating the longer it is left unused.

‘Leniency’ should be shown to ratepayers

Councillor Martin Keane said that “leniency” should be shown to local business people who want to display their wares on the street or put up sandwich boards as they should be “given a chance to make a few bob”. The Cllr said that these business people pay rates to the council and so “a bit of common sense” is needed in allowing them to display their goods or signs, without having them removed by the council.

Something should be done about camper vans at Quay

Cllr Ollie Gannon said that recently there were 20 camper vans parked at the Quay, which has restricted the area to one lane of traffic and the people at the Quay are “very annoyed and distressed” with the amount of camper vans parking in the area.

Cllr Margaret Adams said that people touring in camper vans has become very popular that a space should be made available for them by the council.

Fines on trains ‘bit of a farce’

Cllr Brendan Mulroy raised the matter of a €148 fine which has been imposed on people if they use their online train ticket to get on another train, instead of the one which they booked for. He said that even though you are allowed on the train in Dublin, you are then fined, which is not a good policy as they “let you on the train to fine you”.

The councillor said that “it is a bit of a farce” and he asked that a letter be sent to Iarnrod Eireann's Myles McHugh to explain this issue to councillors.

New appointment

Dermot Langan, manager of Westport Leisure Park, has been given an expanding role in promoting enterprise, tourism and business in the town through working with the town council.



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