Ireland hits new low - ‘Mood of the Nation’ survey highlights need for community spirit

Irish people are currently in the doldrums and badly in need of an uplift according to new research. The results of a Dulux ‘Mood of the Nation’ Ipsos MRBI poll highlight a massive 72 per cent of people believe the mood of the nation to be low, or very low, with a further 80 per cent believing Irish communities are badly in need of an uplift.

The research was revealed by clinical psychologist and broadcaster, David Coleman, who launched the major national initiative – The ‘Dulux Let’s Colour Project’ - which will see up to 200 community projects transformed with colour.

The ‘Let’s Colour Project’ will be open to all communities in Mayo giving them the opportunity to rejuvenate dull, grey, and neglected public community spaces, bringing them back to life. Dulux is calling on people to get active and involved in community by putting hand to paintbrush to improve their area and Dulux will provide all the paint. Whether you are a community champion, involved in the local council, a local handyman, sports team manager, between jobs, or mum or dad, you are bound to know of a local community project or facility badly in need of an uplift. From Donegal to Dingle, whether it be the local community hall, nursing home, sports club, or school playground – people can log onto, rally the troops and submit a local Mayo project. Successful projects meeting the criteria by having a positive impact on local community, are to be donated the paint to complete work.

Research highlighted that 56 per cent of people believe that as a nation we have lost our community spirit. Clinical psychologist and broadcaster Mr Coleman who was on hand to appeal to Irish people to get involved, lives with his family in a small community in County Clare and knows well the importance of community spirit and getting involved locally. Mr Coleman commented: “The Celtic Tiger seemed to be all about individuality at whatever cost and we are now paying the price. I think our new social goal should be to get people working together again. In Ireland, we used to have a stronger sense of community and shared values based on trust, respect, and mutual obligation. Now it seems like online social networking is the only acceptable community to be part of. Online communities are great, however, working together face to face, as people, encourages people to reach out and develop core trust in each other.”


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