Scrappage is ending

The SIMI is warning motorists who are considering buying a car under the Scrappage Scheme to order as soon as possible as the scheme ends in just nine weeks’ time.

“While the scheme officially ends on June 30, a dealer may require a number of weeks to order and take delivery of your car,” explained SIMI press officer Suzanne Sheridan. “So if customers don’t want to be disappointed, they need to shop now.”

The SIMI’s used car website now shows a Scrappage Countdown, a reminder to motorists of the number of days they have left to avail of the scheme.

“So far this year sales of new cars are up on last year, driven by the Government Scrappage Scheme and the great discounts available,” Ms Sheridan added. “With not long left until the scheme ends, we are anticipating a rise in the number of scrappage enquiries at dealerships in the next few weeks.”


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