Shatter joins the broken promise brigade, this time on Garda numbers — Calleary

Adding to the growing list of Government U-turns, the Minster for Justice has signalled that Garda numbers are likely to be reduced, according to Fianna Fáil spokesperson on justice Dara Calleary.

Having recently said that the maintenance of current Garda strength was of “crucial importance”, the Minster this week told a Garda Representative Association conference that the justice sector would have to endure cuts.

“Only last December Alan Shatter said that a reduction in Garda numbers would ‘obstruct the battle against crime’,” Deputy Calleary said. “Speaking to rank and file gardaí today, however, he was forced to concede that the target to reduce Garda strength to 13,000 would most likely remain. Pointing out that this would bring the force back to 2006 levels, he questioned whether this could ‘credibly be portrayed as dramatic and unsustainable’. Ironic, given the fact that this is precisely what he sought to do in opposition.

“It really is incredible that this is the same person, who before Christmas, in full election-campaign mode, said that any drop in Garda numbers would see drug gangs and their leaders celebrating.

“Minister Shatter's appearance on the list of broken promises serves as yet another reminder of the deeply cynical campaign waged by Fine Gael in opposition and during the recent General Election.”



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