Tenants can receive up to forty five per cent off house price

by Geraldine Carr

Local authority tenants, who have been residents for more than 10 years, have the opportunity to purchase their house in a new scheme, with up to 45 per cent off the house price available.

During a housing SPC meeting on Monday, senior executive officer Padraig Flanagan outlined a new draft tenant purchase scheme, which allows for up to 15 years discount on the price of the house.

In the county there are 600 to 700 tenants eligible for the scheme and the local authority offices will soon write to these tenants outlining the scheme.

Once the scheme is passed by the county councillors at their next monthly meeting on April 11 applications will be accepted until the end of the year.

SPC members welcomed the new scheme which is beneficial to tenants due to the drop in house prices and the amount of discount which can be obtained. The tenant purchase scheme will go before the full county council meeting for adoption later this month.



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