Coláiste UISCE offers top ten tips to keep Irish alive

1. Change your name to Irish….. Calling all James, Jennifers, and Marys - change your name to Séamus, Sinéad and Máire… Try to find out your surname ‘as Gaeilge’ — Ó, Ní, Uí, Mac, Iníon, etc. If you need a helping hand contact [email protected]

2. Use your name ‘as Gaeilge’ on your social networking site. Or even go so far as to changing your language settings on Google and Facebook to Irish.

3. Choose the Gaeilge button when using the ATM. The options are all in the same place - how hard can it be?

4. Why not leave a message as Gaeilge on your answering machine? ‘Dia duit, Máire anseo. Fág teachtaireacht i ndiaidh na blípe agus cuirfidh mé glaoch ar ais ort’. Easy. People will leave a message and maybe one in Irish.

5. Pick up a free copy of Foinse every Wednesday in the Irish Independent or Gaelscéal on a Friday. Check out the section ‘As Gaeilge’ in your local newspaper.

6. Check out some of the awesome shows, drama and documentaries on TG4. Put it on in the background when you are wandering around your house. You’ll be surprised how much will sink in.

7. If you are sitting at a computer log onto Raidió Rí Rá for the hottest tunes and presenters speaking Gaeilge. Or if you’re in the west listen to ‘ar éileamh’ on i102104.

8. Try out windsurfing, surfing, sailing and much more trí Ghaeilge at Coláiste UISCE 9. Try to greet people as Gaeilge. Use phrases like: ‘Dia Duit’, ‘Dia agus Muire Duit’, ‘Go n-éirí an bóthar leat’, ‘Slán tamaill’, ‘Conas atá tú?’ etc. Most people will understand you. If they don’t why not teach them the basics?

10. Why not start your day at breakfast time with Gaeilge? ‘Tabhair dom an bainne le do thoil’, ‘Tá sé ró-luath chun caint leat’, ‘An bhfuil cupán caifé uait?’, ‘Cad atá ar siúl agat inniu?’


Go on, find the time to use the Gaeilge you have. You’ll be amazed at how much you know already. Try not to make excuses. Be proud of your language and use it. ‘Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste.’


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