Castlebar revellers taint St Patrick’s Day

The Mayor of Castlebar has hit out against a group of St Patrick’s Day revellers who badly littered one of the town’s most picturesque areas on the night of St Patrick’s Day.

According to Mayor Ger Deere, their actions were a “black mark” against the town on a day when people should be taking pride in their town and country.

Referring to the littering of large quantities of bottles and cans at Barry’s Castle at Lough Lannagh, Cllr Deere asked the revellers to show some civic pride and not to leave such a mess in their wake.

“St Patrick’s Day is a great day in Castlebar with the parade and the goodwill around the town and while there is often criticism of over-excessive celebrations, I would have no problem with this so long as people don’t break the law. Littering is breaking the law and I don’t think it is too much to ask people who are around the town to not litter, to bring their rubbish to the nearest bin,” said Cllr Deere.

“St Patrick’s Day is about a collective pride in being Irish and those revellers showed scant regard for this, acting as selfishly as they did. It was a horrible sight to witness all that rubbish at Barry’s Castle on Friday morning last.”


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