Are stress and illness blocking your energy, health, life and well-being?

At one time or another in our lives, people of all ages experience stress – it is part and parcel of everyday living and can be an appropriate reaction to some situations. The adrenaline released by stress helps us to respond quickly in dangerous situations, but if we are unable to switch off this state of high alert we can put excessive strain on our bodies. This leads to anxiety, sleeplessness, recurring headaches and many other symptoms.

Treating only the symptoms will bring short-term relief. What really needs to be treated is the pattern of reaction that causes our stress. These patterns are unique to each of us from early childhood onwards – my way of reacting to a situation will be different from yours. Treating our illnesses and stress in this way empowers us to take more control of our health and well-being.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which treats the person physically, mentally, emotionally and at the deepest level of our being. Following a consultation, the homeopath prescribes a remedy which is appropriate not only to your symptoms, but to the underlying stress responses that create them. This starts an ongoing process that strengthens our immune system to fight the causes of the many illnesses in our stressful lives, in a more long-lasting and permanent way.

Mary Manning trained at the Burren School of Classical Homeopathy and at the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy over a six year period. She has been practising Homeopathy for 14 years in Leixlip, Co Kildare, and more recently in Westport. Mary is starting a practice in Castlebar early in November. For an appointment, or for further information, telephone Mary at 087 242 1330


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