Agility, good listening skills, and market awareness important for business survival

Network Mayo recently hosted an evening in the Harlequin Hotel, Castlebar, for the Small Firms Association. Speaking at the event was Avine McNally, managing director from the SMA. Ms McNally highlighted the challenges that are facing the small and medium business sector, particularly the availability of credit from banking institutions, and the steps that can be taken for businesses to remain agile and grow in these challenging times.

“Given the surge in small business development and growth in the west it is extremely important that we provide access and visibility to organisations like the SFA through our group, Network Mayo,” said Network Mayo president Olwen Dawe.

Small businesses need to limber up and remain innovative in their approach to their business model, according to Ms McNally, who used the analogy of “dinosaurs becoming extinct” to illustrate the point. Agility, good listening skills, and awareness of your market and its demands were highlighted as central components in business survival.

The SFA visit underpins Network Mayo’s 2011 theme, ‘Inspiring Innovation’, which is focused on providing the Network members and wider business community with support, insight, and access to relevant speakers and training throughout the coming year, in order to develop themselves personally and professionally.

On March 30, Network Mayo will be hosting Business2Arts for a presentation and talk on the possible synergies for creative arts and business. For more information on this event, or about joining Network Mayo, email [email protected] or call 087 7997772.


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