Ring helping Ireland to get ‘up and running’

Having received 13,180 first preference votes, Michael Ring gallantly walked into the 31st Dáil. Back working in his constituency office after a victorious weekend, Michael Ring took time out to speak to the Mayo Advertiser about what he, as part of the Mayo Fine Gael four, will endeavour to work for on behalf of his constituents.

The main focus now for him and the party “is firstly about getting Ireland up and running”. Ring outlined that currently people “are angry and frustrated” about financial worries and the scourge of unemployment which has ravaged the country over the past few years.

“This is the first time I fought an election where local issues were not the focus for voters,” but the electorate’s concerns were all national issues; those of worrying about their future because of “concerns about jobs and the future of their families”.

Ring said that with a Taoiseach from Mayo and “a fair share of power” in locally elected TDs that Mayo should receive “a fair share” of national gain.

With such a big job ahead for the party to get Ireland up and running, Ring may find himself leading the way if a ministerial position is offered to him. The Westport TD said that he would not speculate on this as “the decision is not in my hands”, however, if such a position was offered to him by Enda Kenny, Ring said that he would graciously accept.

Over the coming days ‘Ringer’ may indeed be faced with such an offer.


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