Return to core principles will renew our party — Calleary

Mayo Fianna Fáil TD Dara Calleary has welcomed Mícheál Martin’s speech in Navan where he signalled his determination to renew the Fianna Fáil party and ensure it once again becomes a positive force for the nation.

Speaking to party members at a packed-out Newgrange Hotel, the party’s new leader said: “If we return Fianna Fáil to the core principles that for so many years won the support and loyalty of the Irish people, we will not only renew our party, we will renew a vital positive force in the life of the nation.

“The strength of this party and the soul of this nation will not be found in any political manifesto or political leader but is found in our people. They are the soul of Ireland, and if we make the right choices, not just in this election but also in the days and years that follow, we will breathe new life into our people, our party, and make Ireland great again,” he said.

Following the speech, Minister Calleary said: “Mícheál Martin’s speech is a direct call to action for all of those who have supported Fianna Fáil through the years. The unparalleled economic challenges mean that many have become disheartened with the party and are concerned that we have lost the ability to listen to the people of Ireland.

“The message from our leader last night was loud and clear — the party will renew the values which led it to become a great political movement and will to listen to everyone with a stake in our future. From our foundation, our leaders have blazed a trail for progress here in Ireland and across the globe. Sean Lemass was the first taoiseach who recognised the importance of opening our markets and trading across the globe; Patrick Hillery and Donogh O’Malley knew the importance of education for all and fought to expand access to second and third level for all our young people; Frank Aiken led negotiations which resulting in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; and Jack Lynch knew the best way to govern was by consensus, not partisanship. Fianna Fáil will renew this progress once again for our nation.

“Our plan for Ireland is fully costed and includes no extra spending commitments. We will ensure the best and brightest are attracted to politics and will bring in experts to run government departments, widening access right across civic society. It is clear that the time for consensus and real politics has arrived, but sadly our political opponents continue to put forward uncosted plans, hidden taxes, and economic policies which will jeopardise the recovery. Those with an interest in renewing and rebuilding have the opportunity to make a difference this Friday.”

Minister Calleary said the era of new politics has begun. “The journey to renew our party’s tradition will not be easy but I am asking every Fianna Fáil supporter and former Fianna Fáil supporter to join me as we rebuild.”


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