Daffodil Day fundraising drive launched

This year’s Daffodil Day will take place across the country on Friday March 25 and the Irish Cancer Society is calling on everyone in Mayo to come out and collect on the day at a location convenient to them. Further information on becoming a volunteer is available from the Daffodil Day team on CallSave 1850 60 60 60.

“Ireland’s cancer rate is one of the highest in the world,” said John McCormack, CEO, Irish Cancer Society, at the national launch of Daffodil Day. “One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetime and it is estimated that by 2020, 40,000 new cases will be diagnosed. Latest data from the National Cancer Registry shows that 29,775 people were diagnosed with cancer in Ireland in 2009, 979 of these people were from Mayo. These stark figures mean that there is an ever increasing demand for the direct patient care services provided by the Irish Cancer Society. We really need you, our wonderful volunteers, to make a great push this year. Effective cancer care for patients and families has to continue during these difficult economic times. Times are hard – so we must work harder to ensure that our vital patient services are not compromised. But we know that some people might not be able to give as much this year. We want the Irish public to know that we appreciate and need every donation, no matter what size because cancer is on the rise and we need every euro raised on Daffodil Day to help the thousands of people diagnosed every year. So if you have some time to spare, come out, join our bunch and collect with us. We need your help and I can guarantee you will really enjoy being involved.”

Last year €3.3m was raised for Daffodil Day, with a whopping €106,511 of this coming from the people in Mayo. In 2010, the Irish Cancer Society provided 390 nights of care to families in Mayo at a cost of €136,500. It also provided €31,950 of financial aid to people in Mayo.


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