Finn calls for speed ramps to be installed in estates

Speaking at the Claremorris Electoral Area meeting last week Independent councillor Richard Finn, referring to speeding in estates in all towns, said that Mayo County Council will have to do something about the problem. He said local residents are annoyed and sometimes fearful for their safety due to the lack of speed ramps in estates which would serve to calm speeding and the racing ethos which has crept in over the past 10 years.

He went on to say that the council, in conjunction with the planning section and the road safety section, should ensure that developers construct speed ramps in all estates and that their construction should be a condition on all grants of planning for future housing developments. If this were the case then the council and the taxpayer would not have to foot the bill for installing speed ramps.

“I would even go further to state that the council should not take in charge estates where developers have not complied with planning conditions where speed ramps were to be installed until they are installed,” he added. “People in estates after having purchased houses are at least entitled to peace, quiet, and safety in their environments.”


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