Daly challenges Mulherin and Calleary to debate recovery plans

Mayo independent election candidate Martin Daly is challenging Ballina-based candidates Minister Dara Calleary and Councillor Michelle Mulherin to a public debate on their national recovery plans and policies.

“The people of Mayo are tired of the same ineffectual parties with ineffectual policies. There is a huge appetite among the electorate for an alternative voice,” says Daly who has been canvassing door to door in towns across Mayo during the past week.

“These two candidates are part of the political establishment that has failed us, Calleary in Government and Mulherin on Mayo County Council which Fine Gael has controlled since the last local election. They are part of the problem and the system that needs radical reform,” says Daly.

Cllr Mulherin has responded by pointing out that the government has been supported by independents since 1997 who she said had to take “equal responsibility for what has happened to the country”.

“I don’t know what Martin’s policies are,” Cllr Mulherin continued, “but this is just more of the same from indepenents,” she added. According to Cllr Mulherin the problems of the country will be solved by “men and women working together as a team, as in a political party”. She said Fine Gael were always willing to debate their policies.

Daly and the Mayo Reform Movement want to see the burden of the bank debt lifted off the backs of the ordinary people of Ireland.



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