Avoid asthma scares at Halloween

For some people with asthma and allergies, especially children, Halloween festivities may worsen their condition. If your asthma is not under control both Halloween festivities and the increasingly cold weather may affect you. The Asthma Society of Ireland offers the following advice to people with asthma and parents of children with asthma:

Make sure you or your child's reliever (blue ) is available at all times.

Make sure that new Halloween costumes do not contain latex. If the costumes have been stored since last year, be aware they could contain dust and moulds. They should be washed before use.

Halloween masks can interfere with breathing, so children with asthma should opt for a half mask or no mask at all. Be mindful of masks which may contain latex.

It is important to keep in mind that in cold, frosty, weather, going from house to house trick-or-treating can cause asthma symptoms to flare up.

Smoke from bonfires may act as an irritant and trigger an asthma attack; as such it is advisable to avoid bonfires.

Keep your child at home if your child is suffering from a cold or flu. Cold and flu symptoms can severely aggravate your child's asthma.

If your child has a food allergy check any sweets or chocolate he collects while trick or treating to ensure it is safe for your child to consume.

Gun powder residue, used in fireworks, can be a powerful trigger. If there is a likelihood of fireworks make sure your child has taken extra reliever inhaler before leaving home.


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