Man called garda a ‘retard’ in Garda station

A prison sentence was imposed on a Castlebar man for public order offences in which he was abusive to gardaí. On one occasion the 19-year-old man called a garda a “retard bastard”.

On September 27, Michael McDonagh, 56 An Sruthan, Castlebar, was threatening and abusive to a garda on Thomas Street, Castlebar, as the garda dealt with another person. McDonagh shouted: “Fuck off you porky pies, fuck off.”

In Castlebar Garda Station on October 6, the defendant called to the public hatch to collect items from a car which had been seized for investigation. There was a large crowd in the public foyer and McDonagh, when told that he could not get his items that day, said: “I’ll get what I want from the car, fuck you, you fucking retard bastard.”

Three days later the defendant returned to the Garda station for his items. When he was only presented with his passport and driving licence, the defendant threw his driving licence back at the garda as he wanted all his “fucking property”.

The 19-year-old father, who has one previous conviction, is currently seeking treatment for depression.

McDonagh was also before court for a no insurance charge.

For being threatening and abusive in September, Judge Mary Devins convicted and fined him €300 and sentenced him to three months in prison. For being threatening and abusive on October 6 he was sentenced to two months in prison consecutive, and for the other section six charge he was convicted and sentenced to three months in prison concurrent. Recognisances were fixed. Judge Devins also convicted and fined him €400 in relation to not having insurance.



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