New Boston network to connect friends of Ireland

As the emigration trend continues to draw young and old from our shores, new networking groups to connect Irish people abroad are coming on stream.

Soon to launch on the market is IN Boston or Irish Network Boston, a new network for all friends of Ireland (both Irish-born and Irish American ) due to officially open on November 3 next.

“Not just a business or social networking outlet, the new initiative will see the coming together of a large group of people devoted to Ireland and its culture who hold similar desires to create valuable connections across the US and Ireland,” according to David Greaney of Synergy Investment and Development and chairman of the new network.

The group’s website, which has already been launched, allows interested individuals to become part of a network that the organisers hope will “harness the creativity, industry, and success of Ireland’s Diaspora.” IN Boston joins other Irish networks already established in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Diego, all falling under the umbrella of Irish Network USA, a volunteer organisation which enjoys considerable support on both sides of the Atlantic.

Speaking to The Irish Emigrant this month, David Greaney explained the background to the initiative.

“The Irish Government is determined to create a network of people in major cities with Irish populations by either birth or descent. Boston, the most Irish city in America, should be at the forefront of this development.”

For more information or to sign up, visit


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