Laser hair removal now affordable for everybody

Excess hair and hair removal is an issue that faces many men and women. Sometimes it is purely cosmetic and we just want to have perfect, silky smooth legs and underarms all of the time. However it can be a necessity when embarrassing excess hair grows on the face, neck, back or shoulders.

Either way, there is now a convenient, effective and affordable solution available in Galway. Therapie uses the most advanced technology, leading to the best results for patients. Therapie uses only medical grade lasers, not IPLs, which means superior results, quicker treatment times, and better patient safety. Therapie is equipped with the Candela Alexandrite, which are the most precise laser machines in the world. Therapie Clinics are Ireland's largest providers of laser hair removal, having carried out more than 150,000 treatments to date.

Therapie Clinics are now offering 80 per cent off laser hair removal.

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