Delays in processing driving licences at Mayo Motor Tax

Long delays in processing driving licences at Mayo Motor Tax office are leaving motorists in the lurch.

One Mayo Advertiser reader who has waited more than 12 weeks to receive a renewed licence for her mother said she was now being forced to drive without proper cover.

“It used to take three days to process a driving licence but now they are telling us, we’re short staffed, there is nothing we can do. Tax office workers have told us to just tell the cops if we’re stopped about the delays and they will be sympathetic. They can check here and see we are covered. It’s a joke.”

Mayo Motor Tax is referring queries to the Department of Transport in Dáil Éireann. When contacted by the Mayo Advertiser a press spokesperson promised to supply an explanation to the problem but failed to do so.

However, a worker in the Mayo office did confirm that people do seem to be “ringing up complaining all the time”, adding that “nobody is willing to tolerate a delay anymore.”


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