Calleary opposes ‘economic lectures’ from Kenny

Labour Affairs Minister and Fianna Fáil TD for Mayo, Dara Calleary, has said that Fine leader Enda Kenny is in no position to give lectures on economic policy given his own party cannot seem to agree on its own policies.

“Deputy Kenny and his party have spent the last two years bickering on the sidelines and criticising every difficult decision this Government has taken to restore economic stability. At the same time, they appear to make up their own policies as they go along.

“Last March Richard Bruton claimed taking three billion euro out of the economy at the next budget was the ‘wrong course’. Fine Gael has subsequently changed its mind and has endorsed the Government’s budgetary strategy. However, Deputy Kenny has promised no new taxes and refuses to state what public services he would cut. This simply does not add up. Furthermore, Deputy Kenny cannot even tell us where he stands on property tax.

“Their jobs policy called NewEra is in tatters,” Dep Calleary continued. “The claim that it could create 100,000 jobs has been described by finance spokesman Michael Noonan as ‘some kind of a public relations add-on’. Last week enterprise spokesman Richard Bruton said the ‘essence of the proposal isn't creating jobs’. What kind of jobs policy is not about creating jobs?

"The truth is that Fine Gael has failed to come up with any alternative economic policies. The Irish public will see through that," concluded Minister Calleary.


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