Vandals undermine Castlebar clean-up

Castlebar town councillor Harry Barrett has hit out at a recent spate of vandalism that affected the recent clean up of the Castlebar town river and other amenities in the town. Barrett made his complaint on foot of a number of calls from regular walkers and residents in Castlebar, who were angry at destruction caused by vandals.

“I am extremely annoyed to report that a fence erected near the rear of Chadwick's, to protect walkers during the recent clean up of the town river, has been torn down by vandals,” Cllr Barrett said. “Castlebar Town Council staff have done a truly excellent job on the river over the summer, and now we see that a number of guerriers went out of their way, not only to rip up the fence, but also the stakes holding it in place. The fence had been provided for the safety of walkers and is now destroyed. It has also been reported to me that a public seat, that was embedded in concrete, was ripped from its base near the old diving board in Lough Lannagh.

“This act of gross vandalism would have needed a lot of muscle to rip the fence from the concrete base, and would have taken at least two people to carry out,” he added. “I have informed the local superintendent of these developments and will be bringing these matters before our next meeting of Castlebar Town Council. I am now calling for mobile CCTV cameras to be made available on a regular basis, to capture the culprits in action, so that substantial fines can be imposed, if not a prison sentence.”



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