National Solidarity Bond Scheme attracts €70 million

More than €70 million has been invested in the National Solidarity Bond Scheme since it was established at the start of May, according to Minister for Labour Affairs and Public Sector Transformation Dara Calleary.

Minister Calleary is encouraging people to look into the details of the scheme to see if it is something that might suit their saving needs.

“More than 3,000 people have bought into the Bond Scheme since the start of May, meaning that around 72 people a day have been investing their money into this savings scheme. It is a national savings product which sees people rewarded with a healthy 50 per cent gross return on their savings over 10 years. The money invested is then used by the State to help stimulate economic recovery through investment in capital projects around the country.”

People can invest sums of between €500 and €250,000 in the scheme or alternatively make regular savings of €25 which will be automatically invested in the Bond when it accumulates to €500.

“The Bond will be managed by the National Treasury Management Agency and will provide a return on investment of 50 per cent gross over 10 years. After tax the net return will still be a very rewarding 47.5 per cent. I hope that the bond will continue to attract this level of investment and I would encourage anyone who does have money available to look at this as a worthy and financially rewarding opportunity”, said Minister Calleary.

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