Secret scoffers revealed

A recent survey conducted by weight-loss and weight-management specialists LighterLife in the UK and Ireland, has revealed that more than a third of women currently on a diet are secret scoffers.

A massive 36 per cent – or seven million—of ladies in the UK and Ireland are watching their waistline are hiding food or eating it in the dark. Handbags, under the bed and clothes drawers emerged as the favourite places to keep secret supplies. But they’ll also gorge on naughty foods in the car, walking down the street or even on a sunbed. The research found one in six secretly eats on a weekly basis, and one in 10 does so every two or three days. A desperate 53 per cent of girls have even felt they would rather have food than sex, with chocolate, takeaways and desserts the top choice to sway them away from the bedroom.

Margaret Fahy, LighterLife counsellor for Mayo said: “Many people who join LighterLife think that they are the only ones who hide food, but it so is common for people to stash away junk and bolt it down in secret. The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is resolving the emotional issues that encourage you to overeat in the first place,” continued Margaret Fahy. Learning to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger is absolutely key to staying slim.

“So if you can identify with the women surveyed who eat in secret and like most of us you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolution of losing weight, then LighterLife might be the answer.”

LighterLife’s programmes combine an easy-to-use eating plan using nutritionally balanced soups, shakes and bars with support, work and discussion in small friendly groups, to help you lose weight quickly and safely, and maintain that weight loss.

Weekly, single-sex group meetings are the other key feature of LighterLife. Run by Margaret Fahy, they’re designed to help you explore some of the reasons you put on weight – because there’s usually a bit more to it than simply eating too much. Understanding why you overeat means you’re less likely to return to the old habits that led to weight gain in the past, so you can live lighter in the future.

If you’ve always struggled with your weight or just want to lose a stone fast, why not give Margaret Fahy a call to see what you can achieve? To find out more about LighterLife call Margaret Fahy on 094 937 7885 or visit, or



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