Restore life's natural balance with plexus bio-energy

Miriam Lynch, a former IT project manager originally from Kilmaine in Co Mayo, changed career path and retrained as a plexus bio-energy therapist.

Having always had a huge interest in complimentary therapies, Ms Lynch was made redundant from her IT job in April 2009, and saw the opportunity to become fully qualified and skilled in the latest techniques of plexus bio-energy, a therapy she herself has benefited from over the years.

Bio-energy therapy treats a wide range of conditions including stress, fatigue, back pain, arthritis, skin problems, depression, colic, and stomach/digestive problems which was motivation enough to steer Ms Lynch in this direction.

Many of the techniques learned during her training are 1,000 years old and are now beginning to be validated by the findings of modern scientific medicine.

Ms Lynch treats both adults and children suffering from different illnesses, where sometimes conventional medicine is not providing the healing that they need. She is based in Knocknacarra in Galway city and also travels to different towns in Galway and Mayo to provide treatments.

The most important thing for Ms Lynch is seeing her clients become well and return to full health. As a therapist she locates energy blockages in the body using a series of unique hand movements and then proceeds to release these blockages through another series of hand movements, which in turn enables the life energy to start flowing through the body again.

The treatment programme is carried out in 30 minute sessions over four consecutive days.

To book a treatment with Miriam Lynch telephone 086 809 4362 or email [email protected]


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