Councillor calls for volunteer database to assist those in need

While Mayo County Council is dealing with emergency situations there are still people who are in need of assistance, particularly those who need a supply of heating oil, according to Fine Gael councillor Joe Mellett

Cllr Mellett said that in the Swinford electoral area he knows situations where the oil delivery truck could not gain access because of the state of the road leading to the house. “The only solution to this problem is to arrange for a 50 gallon drum to be delivered in a smaller vehicle such as a four wheel drive jeep or tractor,” he said. “This is where neighbourly help is required. The problem here is that such is the remoteness of some houses that they have no neighbours, and in any event the neighbour might not have a suitable vehicle. Also in a changing Ireland there are people who do not have any contact with their neighbours”.

Cllr Mellett has proposed that a database be set up for everyone who is willing to volunteer and act immediately if requested. The logistics of setting up such a list is dependent on the number of volunteers. Ideally there would be one contact person in every area who would supervise their own village. Cllr Mellett is asking anyone who is interested to contact him immediately on 087 2573752 or e-mail [email protected]


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