Enda Kenny looks forward to entering government in 2010

I’m looking forward to 2010, my strongest objective will be to ensure that Fine Gael enters government under my leadership. Ireland is facing a crucial period that will determine the society we live in for years to come depending on the decisions that are made at this important time. We are all facing greater difficulties in recent times, whether these are financial strain, employment issues, or other personal difficulties. Many of these problems are associated with the lack of leadership from this current Fianna Fáil/Green Government and their inability to protect the most vulnerable within society. I am aware of the problems that many people are facing and most importantly, we in Fine Gael have the solutions as well as the ambition to make them a reality. These plans include NewEra, an €18 billion economic stimulus package that would create 105,000 new jobs in the green energy sector. Other plans aim to protect small and medium enterprises in order to save jobs, promote fairness in healthcare through our FairCare policy, excellence in education through our Third Way document, and a better alternative to NAMA.

Fine Gael has proven itself as being capable of delivering plans that are relevant and necessary, we have rebuilt ourselves as a party and are now ‘Ready for Government’ to lead us out of this terrible mess. I want the opportunity to regain Ireland’s greatness and sense of pride. Most importantly for 2010; regardless of who is in Government, I want to see those most dramatically affected by the difficulties of recent times being protected and given the opportunity to regain control of their lives. It is easy to forget that behind all the facts and figures, it all comes down to people; these individuals may be our family members, neighbours, and friends.

At this stage, I thank all the people that have supported Fine Gael in the past year and hope that this support will grow over the coming year as we face into 2010. We as a country have decisions to make, let us make those decisions together and work at making a truly better Ireland. We also have unique challenges in our own county here in Mayo; some have lost their jobs in recent times and are unfortunately facing the prospect of emigration. I want to avoid situations where people are being forced into these types of decisions and I look forward to having the opportunity to reverse these situations. Finally, I would like to take this chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; let us also remember those who cannot return home.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

Yours sincerely,





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