Local dentistry changes under PRSI scheme

If you are entitled to dentistry under the PRSI scheme this affects you.

Following the Budget last week changes to the PRSI dental scheme are to come into effect from January 1 2010. Only check ups will be covered in any new course of treatment started in the New Year.

The PRSI dental scheme was introduced about 50 years ago and has helped with the improvement of the dental health of the State. The scheme has subsidised cleanings, fillings, extractions, root fillings, and dentures to those eligible. This affects up to two million people.

Over the years the scheme has been expanded to include more people so that currently some two million people are able to avail of the scheme. Those eligible come from both the public and private sectors. Benefits will be reduced from January 1 2010.

The scheme has almost been withdrawn, as from January those entitled patients will only receive a free examination under the scheme. All other treatments including cleaning will have to be paid for fully by the patient. In this current economic time many people will find it difficult to find the additional charges.

Eligible patients whose treatment is approved before December 31 2009 are still entitled to that course of treatment under the current scheme. Contact your local dentist without delay to check your entitlements.


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