Castlebar and Westport look to renew their Fairtrade status

Castlebar and Westport are working towards renewing their Fairtrade status this December and would love your help.

As a consumer you can ask your shop owners and managers if they stock Fairtrade products. This is a simple and direct method of bringing more Fairtrade products to Irish shop shelves as it is still the customer who sets the market for shops, and not the other way around.

For your cooking, whether it is freshly baked warm bread for the kitchen table, biscuit treats, or the actually quite easy Christmas cake, this may be a great opportunity to use Fairtrade products for your recipe.

As a retailer, cafe or restaurant, if you stock Fairtrade products already please contact your local Fairtrade group who will ensure you are on their Fairtrade retailers’ directory. If you don't stock Fairtrade products and are interested in doing so contact them for further information.

As a business, if you use Fairtrade products in your office, canteen, etc, or are interested in doing so please let your local group know and you will be added to their business supporters’ list.

As a student, see if your school canteen offers Fairtrade products and if your teachers use Fairtrade products in the staff room. You could also work towards becoming a Fairtrade school.

And watch out for Fairtrade fortnight in 2010 from February 22 to March 7.

You can find Fairtrade products in almost all shops in Castlebar and Westport these days and in quite a lot of cafes and restaurants too. Look for the Fairtrade logo displayed on products and ask for Fairtrade tea and coffee when in cafes and restaurants.

See for more information and to contact Castlebar Fairtrade Town group e-mail [email protected] and Westport Fairtrade Town group e-mail [email protected]



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