Bar owner and patrons, Talk of the Town after birthday bash

The licensee of a pub in Bangor Erris was before Belmullet District Court on Wednesday along with a number of patrons who were on his premises after hours continuing birthday celebrations.

Garda Olga Treacy outlined to the court that on March 29 2009 at 4.10am she went to the premises of Talk of the Town on Main Street, Bangor Erris, where a group of people were still in the premises with fresh pints and full bottles in front of them. The licensee of the premises, Kevin Campbell, Townagh, Bellacorick, Ballina, was present and could not explain at the time why there were still patrons in the bar.

Solicitor Alan Gannon, representing Campbell, said that there was a 40th birthday party held in the bar earlier that night and that Campbell allowed customers to wait on his premises for hackneys to take them home.

Judge Mary Devins said that the “old hackney excuse” was used, and that it would have been cheaper for Campbell to have hired a mini bus for the customers than to pay the fine. Campbell, who has one previous breach of the licensing law in 2004, was convicted and fined €650 by Judge Mary Devins.

Garda Treacy also took the names of those on the premises. James Healy, Glencullen Lower, Bangor Erris, whose birthday it was, was convicted and fined €60; Grainne Kearns, Munhin, Bangor Erris, was convicted and fined €60, as was James Healy, Glencullen Lower, Bangor Erris. Caroline Kearns, Munhin, Bangor Erris, who did not appear in court was convicted and fined €75, and Patrick Healy, Glencullen Lower, Bangor Erris, who initially gave his name as Sean Carey to Garda Treacy, was convicted and fined €60 and also convicted and fined €100 for giving a false name.


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