Don’t let hearing loss affect your quality of life

Blindness, they say, cuts you off from things. Deafness cuts you off from people. The ability to communicate is one of the things that makes us human, and yet many people go through life with impaired hearing and do little or nothing about it. If we needed glasses, we would see an optician. But when we need a hearing aid, not everyone will see an audiologist.

Hidden Hearing is one of the fastest growing healthcare-related brands in Ireland, with new branches opening almost every month. Its branch network has grown to 20 nationwide, and it operates some 50 clinics throughout Ireland in GPs’ surgeries. Of these, it runs three clinics in Mayo – in Westport, Ballina and Claremorris. It has also grown its staff from 70 to 120 employees.

As part of a global hearing concern, Hidden Hearing has access to some of the latest technologies which have been designed in leading edge laboratories to aid those whose hearing is impaired. For example, it carries a range of bluetooth enabled hearing aids which allow the wearer to wirelessly plug directly into a TV or stereo, thereby enhancing the quality of people’s lives without having to break the bank.

The latest Hidden Hearing branch to open in Ireland was in September in Letterkenny, Donegal. This will soon be followed by branches in Athlone and Wexford, while next year will see five new branches opening.

Anyone who has experienced hearing loss – or suspects that their hearing may be impaired – can call into a Hidden Hearing clinic or branch for a free check-up. For further information, freefone 1800 882 884 or log onto


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