Parent concerned over unqualified teachers

Dear editor,


As a mother of three, who found it hard enough to get an education due to family circumstances and returned to college when my three boys were in primary school, I really value education. My youngest appeared to be struggling lately and I decided to investigate why. He seemed to have particular difficulty in one subject and I decided to ask to meet his teacher.

I rang the school in May and found it near impossible to get an appointment. When I finally did I found her to be very sketchy about any details. She did not appear to know what they would be doing next as I had said I could help him as I’m fluent in the language and have a keen interest in it, nor did she even appear to know who my son was. It seemed she knew next to nothing about the course. Following on from this I did some investigating and found other parents found her hugely incompetent as well.

I am not a teacher but have many friends and family who are and find it appalling that this woman is teaching. She did not do a degree in the subject she is teaching and hence does not have adequate background knowledge, neither did she do her Dip and as such is not even qualified.

The principal has been slow to give a reaction to this but given the poor results from last year has said he will investigate. I have since found a wonderful girl to help my son out next year but I just question what kind of system we have where someone untrained is let teach our children and then attempts to dodge a meeting with a concerned parent. And before any teachers feel I am anti-teachers I most certainly am not but with all the qualified teachers out there why are teachers being given subjects they are not qualified to teach?


A vigilant and worried parent.


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