Kindermusic Summer Camp at Ballina Arts Centre

Ballina Arts Centre is delighted to announce the return this year of its annual Kindermusic Summer Camp for Children. Running on the week of Monday August 10 to Friday August 14, this five-day workshop is an engaging introduction to understanding the important elements of music, based on the Kodaly method. Under the direction of Edel McDonnell, each workshop lasts for 90 minutes and promises lots of fun activities during the week with a concert on the final day for parents, family and friends.

Children (aged five to six years ) attending these Kindermusic workshops will learn about different musical concepts - pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo, character, form and style – in an enjoyable and stimulating way through a carefully chosen repertoire of songs and rhymes.

Kindermusic is built upon the principles advocated by Zoltan Kodály who was a Hungarian composer and educationalist. Kodály’s approach to music education is based on teaching, learning and understanding music through the experience of singing, giving direct access to the world of music without the technical problems involved with the use of an instrument.

Workshop times: 11am to 12.30pm, five to six year-olds. 1pm to 2.30pm, six to seven-year olds. The cost is €40 for five workshops.

Exciting two-person exhibition at Ballina Arts Centre

Throughout the month of July, Ballina Arts Centre will be hosting an exhibition by two very promising painters, ‘The Wind Blows at Thee’– Eithna Joyce / ‘The Fields’ – Katarzyna Tuzel Nabzdyk, featuring Eithna Joyce from Co Galway, and Polish artist Katarzyna Tuzel Nabzdyk. Born in Pozna, Poland, artist Katarzyna Tuzel-Nabzdyk moved to Ireland three years ago. Commenting on her work, Katarzyna states: “I treat the painting as a fluid concept – it is a permeation of drawing, texture, colour (mosaic, space installation, glass etc ), either on a plane or in a space. I am interested in the texture and its extraction by means of light. My painting follows the nature and it is from the nature that abstraction emerges. I attach big importance to the lines (vertical, horizontal ) that constitute the given situation. The compositions do not close themselves within the picture frames but are continued in the space. My recent works are inspired by the landscape of Ireland.” Eithna Joyce’s exhibition, ‘The Wind Blows at Thee, showcases a collection of new work created while on residency in Reykjavik earlier this year. Eithna explains how this affected her work: “The silent vastness of Iceland's beautiful and astounding landscape is aptly captured in these small collages and oil paintings. In a time when Ireland is increasingly likened to Iceland due to uncanny similarities in their financial difficulties, it seems appropriate to visually explore and present this country, which is closer to us in more ways than we may imagine.” The exhibition runs until August 1. Free admission. All are welcome to attend.

Ballina Arts Centre is open from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 3pm on Saturdays. For information / booking, contact Ballina Arts Centre, Barrett St., Ballina, Co. Mayo. Tel: 096 73593, e-mail: [email protected]


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