The Script are coming to the Royal Theatre

After wowing fans in Oxygen last weekend the Script have announced that they will play one concert in the west this year and the Royal Theatre Castlebar is the chosen venue. This one off concert promises to be an exceptional night, the boys who are also supporting U2 on July 27 in Croke Park couldn’t be happier about their Irish tour ahead of their European tour.

Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, and Glen Power have enjoyed phenomenal success this year with their music as well as their TV appearances on Britain’s Next Top Model and The Hills. These boys are in demand. This time last year the Script were in the new band stage at Oxygen and this year they were on the main stage on Friday with the likes of Snow Patrol and Lily Allen.

Their music boasts the kind of artful twists sure to turn all preconceptions on their head. Danny and Mark started as a backroom team, making demos for other artists, but when they met fellow Dublin drummer Glen, the dynamic shifted. Although they had never actually heard him play, such was the connection they made that Mark invited Glen on a working holiday to LA. "He just whipped the ass off all these LA session musos," enthuses Mark. "He is the funkiest drummer around with real energy and swing but Glen is also a fantastic guitarist, a fantastic keyboard player and he sings his ass off too."

The trio's debut single, “We Cry”, was released in April 2008 and reached number nine in the Irish charts the following month. And it is something special, a soulful anthem of everyday struggle that manages to be simultaneously bleak and uplifting. "There is not a lot of hope in the song, cause not everybody's life is full of hope," explains Danny. "There's not always roses at the end. But out of all these things that have gone wrong in our lives and everybody else's lives, the message is 'together we cry'. Because as long as we're here together then we can find a way to share the burden."

"The Man Who Can't Be Moved" was released in July and this time they broke the top two of the Irish Chart. As Mark comments, "I had an idea of a guy who'd brokeup with his girl and lost total contact with her. What would he do? I thought he would just go back to the corner where they first met and wait till she returned. The rest just flowed as a story and we made a song from it".

Their debut album The Script, was released last August, it too promises to be something really special. "There is a whole lifetime in these songs," says Mark. "We don't write them in 10 minutes. A song takes nurturing, it is an evolving thing. This is a journey, we are in constant change, constant motion. I can't ever put my finger on what exactly The Script is, I don't even think I should, all I know is that it is something that touches me deep inside, and seems to touch other people when we play."

Tickets for The Script are €25 and are on sale from Friday 17 at 9am on as well as from The Royal Box Office on 0818 300 000. For further information

check The Royal Theatre & Event Centre website on: or


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